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Our services:

We offer IT and computer related services like software design, programing, coding, server administration, helpdesk support, software testing, documenting, consulting and of course white hacking.

We offer translation and language services in English and Hungarian - please contact us for details on prices and availability.

We prefer Java SE, Gawk, PHP, c, Bash, Debian Linux, MySQL, Apache, JEdit, Ant, SSH, OpenBox, Gimp and OpenOffice, but will gladly work with anything you prefer - but results (and prices) may vary.

We dislike fixed hours and fixed location jobs, but we will accept both, if our clients accept our fixed hour and fixed location surcharges. Having non-dedicated engineers distributed across the country is more cost-effective.

We direct our customers towards open source solutions by charging extra for any non-open sourced development, documentation and software we develop for them.

We accept bank transfer, cash, PayPal transfer and Western Union transfer, in that order.

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