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Our mission:

Our mission is to get your money, because it is much easier and safer to pay for food, shelter, hardware and software (altough we prefer open source and free solutions), than to fight an eternal war against society.

We don't like society very much, so we try to keep people away from our employee and prefer e-mail, chat, Skype and phone as communication media, in that order.

We believe that the best way to get your money is to keep you happy and satisfied. For that we must offer either cheap services or good ones, as customers are mostly unhappy with expensive and bad quality service.

Recently, we don't have a lot of extra time to fill with work, so we only offer good quality, but expensive services. Of course, when we say expensive, we mean "expensive for a Hungarian micro-firm" which may be very appealing compared to some Western European (or Japanese, American, Swedish, ...) multinational companies' prices.

Currently, we offer  M.Sc. IT Engineers' services for about EUR 25 per hour (discounts available).

We expect our clients to be unhappy with financing expensive cars, nice suits and flash animations for our salesmen, so we don't buy them, keeping our prices moderate.

We believe that underpaid employees are sad, so we would rather enjoy refusing a job than taking it and hating it.

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